Qsl manager for YJ0RRC, YJ0FWA

RZ3FW, Sergei Ianovskii, "Yan", ex.

RA3DEV, 3D2FW, 5W0FW, CE0Y/RZ3FW, DU9/RZ3FW, KH8/N7AFW  &                 

one of the 3D2C(2012), 3D2R(2013), 5H1WW, E31A (2018), EK/RZ3DJ, HD2RRC, HD2RRC/4, JT5FW, YN4RRC, RI0TA, RK3DZJ/1,/3,/mm,/p (IOTA EU-066,082,147,162 & different RR references)

R4WAA, Sergei Azarov, ex. HC2TWA, HC2WAT/8, HD2RRC, JT5FW, 9N7WA, 5H1WW, YN4RRC, H7/, HI7/, CEOY/, DU9/...

YJ8RN,Rod Newell, periodic activity from OC-104,110,111

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